Wednesday, September 29, 2010

ummm... can you say 2010

One day when i figure this thing out i bet it will be awesome...
 2010-  what a crazy year soooo much has happen... I'm finally home in Utah working and starting school in October...  This year started out one of the best years of my life i made two best friends in the whole world Sariah Bratt and Annie Olson with out these girls this year would have killed me... new years i found out my brother Brandon Johnson didn't have much time to live .... he had a stroke in December and my sister called me on new years to tell me to prepare myself for him to pass away in the next few years... he was on dialysis and also has diabetes and just had way to much going wrong with his poor little body.. the news terrified me i was not ready to loose my big brother even if it was gonna be in a few years so i decided to move to California to visit with him and keep him company  and also take care of my 6 year old niece makayla ... sariah was ready to get out of Utah so she moved to California with me we planned to move Feb,15 but my brother Brandon ended up having another stock putting him in the ICU and on life support so we left on Sunday the February the 14th to say good bye to him and move out a few days early..... not expecting this at all it was one of the longest drives of my life sariah and me slept at the hospital for three nights  well my brother was slowing passing on his brain was just bleeding and he had no chance at life he was only 30 years old but had a very tough life i call him SUPERMAN.... 
He is my hero i miss him soo much he is always on my mind.. after saying good bye my whole family came out we had a memorial and i sang a song i wrote to him i will have to post it some other time but this was a life changing experience and i will never for get it.. it changed my view on life family friend religion and everything you can name.... for at least two month all i did was sleep cry eat play with my adorable niece and my best friend in the whole world Sariah Bratt... she kept me sane she saw everything my family went threw and she just held it together.. bless her heart never been away from home and had to deal with my family in morning and away from her's she is an amazing friend i couldn't have asked for a better friend... i wish i could say life got lots easier but it didn't i stayed out there tell July and then went on a vacation with an old best friend from alaska who ended up being my boyfriend Colton Carroll he really is a good guy but it just didn't work out we went everywhere together  Arizona Lake Powell LA Pismo Beach San Jose Santa Cruz Utah Colorado just about all over it was so much fun but he unfortunately still loves his ex of three years he is truly the first guy i have opened up to and let in my life he knows everything about me and has met all my family and they all love him i hope one day we will be best friends again i miss him a lot first boy i fell in love with and well after him everything went down hill sariah moved to Phili and Annie disappeared and got a boyfriend and i just went crazy and dated boys that were complete douche's and now im ready to start a new year that's not nearly as hard start school and work full time and spend as much time as i can with my family i live with my mom in student housing and i love it! i love her soo much she does so much for me she is amazing ... she is still having a very hard time with my brother being gone and i just hope she will be okay any ways that's a sum up of 2010.... and right know im just living each day like its my last :)

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