Friday, October 1, 2010

IT'S fRiDaY!:)

Thank goodness it's Friday :] work for my first week has been great! i actually love my job... I'm trying to convince myself to go sign up for school but i will be in Utah tell next October and i have never been here for a whole year with out a vacation to Cali or Colorado or Alaska :[... and i miss Alaska sooo much and Andi wanted to go this summer but school is important and i should GO! :]  This last month i flew out to Colorado  Springs to go to the buddy walk for my niece  Ali Romen she is the cutest baby in the whole world i adore her.. i want to bring her back to Utah with me so i can see her everyday along with the rest of my family! i would love Andi and chuck and nick and angelica and all my niece's and nephews to move here and Amy and Ryan and makayla:] i miss them all so much everyday i wish they lived here!!

so back to the subject i loved the buddy walk it was for all the kids in Co Springs with downs syndrome... we had about 50 people in our group alone and I'm so happy there was so much support and that i gotta go:] i can't wait for next year:]
So I'm thinking about getting a car sticker that has a superman sign and says rest in paradise B  and his birth and death day on the two sides of it... what do you think? :]

My best friend Brittany Meyer is coming to town tonight i'm gonna take her long boarding and let her meet all my buddies :] i cant wait to see her i miss her soo much and i might get to see missy massey to wooo ALASKA BESTFRIENDS CAN'T WAIT!!!!!Movie or dinner or both and hot tubbing tonights gonna be great :]