Friday, November 12, 2010

Fall 2010

well you know a lot has happen in the last two months.. things got a little crazy but i always have those friends that are gonna be there.. being sariah & court... im so happy i got this new job because i would have never been best friends with court and im so happy i am i think she is awesome and such a good friend helps me under stand dumb people and makes me laugh when i'm in tears and sariah oh man that girl has my back and supports me no matter what decisions i make i love and miss her soo much! My mom moved back to Cali to help her dad because he is very sick and needs some one there for him :( i miss her a lot. i had my up's and downs this month but for the most part i am doing okay. its getting close to the holidays and my mom is gone and it makes me sad because i have nothing to do. my brothers are here but they do there own thing i may help make thanksgiving dinner but im not really looking forward to it. and Christmas time is going to be hard because that is when Brandon had his first stroke and im just feeling alone.. i don't hang out with anyone really i just work all day and go home and miss my brother and my mom i hope i can start to think positive but the snow makes me super sad and not uplifting at all.... i hope the christmas spriit hits me and makes me happy and plus sariah is coming home for ten days in dec and I CAN NOT WAIT!!! i wish she was home right know to be my roomie :] well thats a little bit of life not so amazing but hey stuff can only get better after its all gone terribly wrong.

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