Wednesday, May 4, 2011


it's may already i'm so happy! it's the birthday month and its my favorite... this year i really want to share the month of may with some one special but that is not working out in my favor.. i moved out yesterday in to apartment with lots of girls they are all a little different but kinda nice and today im moving to a room up stairs so my fingers are crossed that i will be ok.. i want to start kicking my own butt and go work out and maybe tan a little....i have this list that has been in my head for a while now here ya go
My wish list- i want to date someone who has fun doing nothing 
that gets excited to come to my house just to see me and watch a movie 
who does fun things like camping 
and fishing 
and long boarding 
and goes on random hikes 
and does crazy fun stuff that is simple
and out going
i want someone who always makes me feel comfortable 
and makes me feel super pretty 
someone who gets along with every one
and  likes my friends and family 
someone who doesnt judge and who tries to be the best they can be... 
that is all i want and i know its to much to ask for.........
this would be why i'm still single....
 oh well it's fine im pretty damn good at being single and being one of the guys....
have i mention lately that i have amazing friends?? let me name a couple who always make me smile 

let me start with...
BRANDIE FRAMPTON- Ok feel free to say amazing friend she is my inspiration she came home at Christmas time from corona California where she is going to music school... she has grown up soooo much out there and learned some things she is the least judgmental friend i have i use to be scared to tell her stuff and disappoint her but i could tell her anything and she would still be my best friend.. she is an amazing singer and has the ability to make me smile when i hear her sing! she is one person who makes me want to be a better person she is beautiful and i love her!

KASIA KAY- She is the funnest person to hang out with we always have a good time when ever i see her calling me i get so excited she is a good listener and we get along like two peas in a pod i adore her and i love her no matter how long we dont talk for she is still one of my best friends always and forever

SARIAH BRATT- alright alright  i don't think it is possible to miss someone as much as i miss her i think about her every single day she really is my bestest friend in the world i can't wait to go see her for two weeks i could sit in a room with her for 24 hours with out talking and be happy... she is always there for me she always gives me good advice when we talk on the phone its like we are hanging out she is the one person in this world that can cheer me up at my lowest low and she is an amazing person truely my hero she is a great example to me she tends to be my hero most days i adore her! she is kinda a big deal & Bad ass

NATASHA WOOD- dude this girl has been my best friend since 7th grade we have been through thick and thin together we always tend to go through the same stuff we work sleep and eat together we both know each other like the back of our hands she has to beautiful kids that mean soo much to me... we always come in to each others lives when we need a friend the most right now her brother eve has liver failer and he is in the hospital i have been there with her about 3 or 4 times and i start to bail every time i see him its hard for me to think that the wood family may have to go through the same thing my family went through a year ago loosing a brother and a son is not easy but what breaks my heart is he has to kids and wife and a brand new grand baby 4 or 5 days old .... i see wendy and it breaks my heart she is like a long lost mother of mine she is amazing and alll her kids are amazing i hate to see her this sad eve has a 50% chance of living and i PRAY he will make it through the next six months to get a liver transplant... he is so sweet i wish i could take the pain away but the worst part is that i can't stand the idea of my best friend loosing her big brother i don't want to see her go through it i  know what its like and i will loose my mind if he doesn't  pull through i have  a hard time going to the hospital and seeing eve i just get so emotional but i do love seeing Natasha's whole family supporting and loving eve ... well any ways keep the woods in your prayers love you guys with all my heart!

ANNIE OLSON- my sister she is cute i love being able to play with her easter was the best i love her and her family they really are like my family and make me feel at home i sometimes wish we could play ALOT MORE she is the nicest most thoughtfull person ever and her birthday is this month woooot!!

COURT-O THAYER- dear hawaiian i miss you more then words HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY I LOBE YOU SOOOO MUCH.... well this young lady is my long lost best friend she moved to hawaii and we dont get to talk much what i would give to go see her i miss her terribly she is my other half we know each other way to well and we can tell each other everything with no judgment ever i love and miss her

TRISA & AUSTIN AKA JB- these to are my go to people they are my favorite couple to hang out with and they really are my best friends if i don't see them for like a week i freak out.. tris is my best friend as soon as we became friends we clicked we help each other out and always have a good time doing nothing austin is like my brother he always makes me feel better when a boy is douche he makes me feel like im better then that and he always cheers me up. i honestly dont know what i would do with out these two there amazing

TREAV & ANG &EDISON- my three best friend treav is my brother/protector he means alot to me he always has the right thing to say and always there when i need him most ang is my newest best friend she is cute and i can tell her everything we help each other with everything and we have play dates at least once a week and is expecting and im praying it will be a girl cuz i want to buy cute girl stuff for her.... EDISON he is my little boy friend and he always makes me soo happy when i see him i love this little guys sometimes i miss him so i just show up at there house to see him:) i love these people very much sometimes the four of use go to dinner and im never a third wheel cuz edison is always with me :)

ROB LOUIS-he happens to just text me sometimes when i really miss him and make me laugh he is a VERY good friend and i freakin love him

ROBIN W- Aka robbie ray well first off i miss her soooo much she is the best listener in the world and her boy friend does not share her with me enough she is one of the most caring people in the world she is so sweet and so thoughtful she always texts me just to ask me how i am i love her she has been one of my best friends for a very long time now and we had a very good senior year together.. she is just great

JASI PRICE- My sister i love her so much i miss her alot she is my rock and i wouldn't be who i am with out her 

COLTER PEACOCK- this boy has been one of my best friends for a while he always helps me out with stuff ... he watch's out for me as well im not sure what i would do with out him.... i miss when we were glued together we would always go on drives up the canyon and watch movies with kevin and have random sleep overs go fishing and getting stuck at his cabin and our random dates that all ment so much.. he is a good friend i miss him alot sometimes

MY MOM- she is my best friend she always helps me she is my strength the last couple months i have no been that nice and i feel bad it weird to get old and have to leave your mama so i have a hard time with expressing that... i love her more then anything in the world its her birthday this weeek:)

AMY & ANDY- my sisters there my best friends to i love them so much and i love talking to them about everything they are the first people i call when something happens like a couple weeks ago when i kissed someone they are love and they both got all happy haha i love my sisters

BROTHERS- there are four of them now and i love them all they are all so differnt from each other but i wouldnt change a thing i miss them alot

BRANDON JOHNSON- B is my hero and i think about him every day and i miss him alot to i still get very emotional talking about him and i wish i could have one more day with him.. I love him

DAD- i miss him sooo much and i miss alaska and i miss catch big fish that taste good i love him alot and i think of him every time i hear the song just fishin

Brittney & amber - My alaska girls i miss these girls i need to see them more often they are my spiritual boost i love them sooo much best friends since i was like 7

welll im missing a couple best friends but this is all for now i love you all :)

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