Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tony Bowers:)

Have you ever noticed stuff happens when you least expect it... for example ever since i broke up with my last boy friend i was just ready for a new one instead i dated complete douche bags... then when i could care less about boy and really just haung out with all of my friends i end up dating one of them..... far from a douche bag biggest sweet heart ever! All the things he does for me just amazes me i haven't been away from him in over a month .. everyone always says you to are soo cute together but NO one even knows how great he is to me were not cute were pretty much perfect we have the same understanding of most things well the important things like lying and always being honest... we see all these couples fight lying and cheating and me and tony don't really under stand i like him so much i would never hurt him like that.. he makes me feel super pretty all the time always tells me i look good and always doing cute stuff for me like making me breakfast and dinner bringing me lunch at work doing fun stuff with me like fishing camping long boarding swimming bbqs party's and movies so much stuff all the time we always go to the rope swing to.. there is never a dull moment if we are together we are never board when we are together he expects my family and i adore his.... it's just great he makes me really happy and if i dont see him all day i can't wait to see him at the end of the day.... some of my friend well over protective best guys friends (BROTHER BEAR) said that he seems like he is just using me but they had no idea how much he does for me and how much he likes me and how amazing he treats me they had no idea cuz i was soo overwhelmed on how perfect he is!!! every once in a while i wonder what would happen if we broke up i would really rather not ever!!

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