Thursday, March 3, 2011


Me and annie went to nickel city last night and won like 600 tickets each it was fun :) i got mustaches for mustache march and we wore them every where to the bowling ally to walkers and walmart and then the best part of the night beto's we walk in and this guy that kinda looks homeless but was very nice talked to us and he only had $1.25 and the workers asked him what he wanted and he said i only have enough for a taco and they were like what do you want and he said i really like something that was like $10 and they got it for him and a drink and gave him his money back it was the sweetest thing i have ever seen it made me feel good and i didnt even do it BETOS IN AF your AMAZING!  but any ways i had so much fun chilling with my old bestfriend i really miss HER ALOT!<3MISS

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