Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tuesday nights:)

Apple bee's every Tuesday has been a great escape for me.. it gets my mind off everything and i always have a good time.. last night was alot of fun Shane, treav,ang,baby edison, jasi, robert, alec, jared ,zack ,amanda, and tayler all came it was fun but i think we were there for like two hours haha i love these guys they always make me so happy and then i ended up sleeping on shanes couch some times i just love sleeping there because i get out of my own head and just fall asleep last night i slept there because i forgot my apartment key lol i love those two boys with all my heart they are such amazing best friends they listen to everything i have to say.. they always boost me up when im down and they always let me just cry and be a big baby and just hug me there the best! I LOVE YOU SHANE AND TREAV!!<3 Miss

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  1. miss you know we love you and were here for you any time! we got yo back nigga!