Wednesday, March 16, 2011

welcome to delta

well this last week end me and natasha went to delta to see her kids it looked a little something like this....
saturday night :D

kasia and bryk

visiting Natasha's old friends

 me and braylnn laying on the tramp
taking a nap on the trap wif me missy
Tasha and her babys
Bryk climb threw the doggie door
Just being beautiful
when we had to say bye bray looks at her mommy and says with tear in her eyes and cry in her voice "mommy your my best friend"
he can't say but but he can say i want that :D
this is kinda what are week end looked like it was a great week end i love hanging out with natasha and her babys its cool that seven years ago we were out there for the summer and we are 20 she has kids and we reunite with delta again ...

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