Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 02

Day 02 – Your first love

I liked a lot of boys threw out high school.. i thought some broke my heart but i was wrong and i didn't find out that i was wrong in tell the summer of 2010 when i really fell in love let me tell you a little about this boy and me i have known him sense i was 7 years old and ever sense the first time i  seen him in church i had a crush on him growing up i went to Alaska every year went to youth conference girls camp and some how he would always be around.. yes even at girls camp his mom was the camp cook and i loved her like my own mom i still do and i miss her a lot but after growing up to gather we would hang out here and there and when i would leave back home after summer weather it was to California or Utah we would email each other all year we became way good friends and i would even call him when he had a serious girl friend i was really happy for him but this last summer we started to talk a lot and decided we wanted to see each other 

well i had to get all my stuff back to Utah from Cali and he had to get his car out of the in pound so we decided to meet in AZ to get his car and also go to lake Powell and chill with  all his Arizona friends and they were all very fun we had a blast in AZ 

we were so close and already liked each other seeing as we had a crush all those years we then traveled to LA to see Ryan and then to San Jose to see Amy and Makayla and oh did they both love colton he also had the chance to meet my grandpa before he passed we drove over 5000 miles together and learned everything about each other we went to the beach and we also went to my brothers old house and picked up some clothing of his then

we drove to Utah my mom met colton and just LOVED him same with everyone else he is a very sweet boy but he gets a little crazy and hard to handle my brothers even liked him and that is rare well he was my BEST FRIEND and in Cali he asked me to be his girl friend this was all over a period of two months  we also went with some friend back to az and Colorado where he met the rest of my family and i met his brother it was all fun but then things started to get to me like ....  the things he did and got in to it wasn't me and i couldn't handle it and i couldn't trust him we both decided it would be best that we break up becuase he is going to school and I'm going to be in Utah and he didnt wanna "change" who he was well that day is when i found out what true love was becuase i remember thinking i can never love some one the way i love this boy and when my heart broke that day i relised i was in love and that he meant the world to me i mean i have moved on and he went back to his ex girl and lied a lot and then came to Utah to "see me" but really came here to hook up with one of my best friends i mean this is the kinda of crap that i mean i cant trust him ... 
all i have to say is love hurts and trust is the key to any relationship..

Colton was the first person i loved and everyone knew it  but there was always this one boy i secretly loved soo much  he was my best friend and i  never convinced my self to just date him and see where it goes! i was to scared of  falling in love becuase i already loved this boy more then any boy i knew...

wish i would have...<3


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