Monday, January 24, 2011

I don't have to be me tell monday

MEH WEEKEND... could have been better...
first id just like to say i'm so glad me and natasha are still best friends 7 years down the road i love hanging out with her and her family!!!Well on Friday night i stayed up all night and just danced the night away i also learned how to play with lights i went to bed at like 7:00 AM haha and when i woke up from day sleeping i went over to Natasha played with her kids :) we just hung out all day it was fun... but toward the end of the night we both got a little upset there was this girl who commented about my dress and it being winter when i walked up stairs and  i know it was cold that would be why i put on sweats ha i had NO LAUNDRY so lay off and plus it was cute :) but she just kept running her mouth i don't really get it do girl say rude things becuase they think its cool or because they want boys to like them? i don't get it prob never will but then she goes and running her mouth again saying i was doing something i don't do to one of my good friends.. haha i'm just going to brush it off but if i ever see her again i'm gonna have to tell her to get her facts straight ........ Girls are drama that's why i only have a handfull that i actually hang out with.. but regardless to dumb people i liked being able to chill with tasha:).... great news my BROHA got a blog he is great love ya treav:) we are going to apple bees tomorrow and i can't wait i miss hanging out with that boy... he helps me out all the time. i go to him for boy advise he normally says Don't date him he's  a douche haha but all and all he is normally always right!!! for the most part thats all i got today...
on a better note i love spending time with sariah
i miss her to terribly bad
this was us in California after my brothers funereal
she helped me stay strong and i love her because 
of how simply amazing she is
she always makes me laugh when all i wanted to do was 
cry she is a very very good best friend!

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  1. Love ya miss! im getting addicted to blogging haha YOUR fault. but its ok cuse its a good addiction not bad like facebook or Golfing......