Friday, January 21, 2011

what do YOU think about?

Do you ever think about why stuff runs through your head.. today random people have pop'd in to my head.. do you ever wonder what is going through other peoples head like what were you thinking about before you were reading my blog what are you thinking about while your reading mine... that im a bad speller that i must be bored at work becuase i edit pictures what in the world is missy wanting to do in life.... what are you thinking about? when you look at engagement pictures do you try to picture your own do you wonder who you will spend your life with one day... wanna know what goes threw my head.... i think about what it would be like if i lost another person close to my heart and how lucky i am to have the friend and family i do i always think about how i wanna spend the week end with my mom or how much i miss my dad or how i wish my brother and sister lived in Utah or how i wish i would have moved to Cali before my brother passed away i also wonder if i will do a good job in school i wonder if my best friends will get engaged  this year i think Annie sariah and Natasha will all get engaged  i wonder why i could care less if i have a boy friend i wonder why back to December is always the song stuck in my head i wonder how my week end will go i wonder if my friends will ever call me if i wasn't the one who called them i wonder if i go to church if people will judge me i wonder if  sariah was home if we would be roomies again wonder if i should do what i want and start massage school or if i should listen to everyone else... i wonder if when im thinking about heavenly father if he is thinking about me i wonder when the radio comes on and it reminds me of my brother if he is there with me i wonder why i think the way i do and i always ponder how i want to me more up lifting and look at the positive in life and i always think of ways i can server others i wonder if there is a way i can make new friends that have the same standers as me but don;t judge me for my past i wonder if i could go back in time and change 2010 i wonder IF BE STRONG was my new years resolution becuase heavenly father knew it would be a rough year for me... i wonder if Annie and sariah were put in my life so i could appreciate a good friend i wonder if heavenly father whispers to robin and has her text me every time im feeling sad i wonder if court was put in my life to make me a strong person i wonder if Brandie went to Cali becuase heavenly father needed her there i wonder if my mom will ever find some one who loves her like she should be loved i wonder if colton will one day stand up to me and say sorry... i wonder if i have the courage to say sorry to people i hurt i wonder if v will have a baby i wonder  if me and kasia will ever be as close as we use to be i wonder if me and colter will ever be best friends again i wonder where i will live when im older i wonder if Treavor will go to Afghanistan i wonder if Robert will find a good girl i wonder if court will find a job in Hawaii or if she will come home i wonder if madi water will become a photographer and have a good paying job  this year  I WONDER EVERYTHING.... what do  you think about or wonder?

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