Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 03

Day 03 – Your parents

lets start with my dad
Clif Donegan this guys is one of my biggest examples he is the greatest dad in the world. He has always made time to see me ever since i was a little girl i moved out of alaska when i was two weeks old he manged to vist me once or twice every year i was such a daddys girl when i was little i love my dad so much my favorite thing to do is go to alaska and hang out with him my favorite things to do with him is 
make blue berry smoothies
watch old movies and make real pop corn
go on walks looking for ciotes
talk to him about what i wanna be when i grow up
go fishing with him 
go to church with him
go on drives with him 
sing to him
work with him 
go and get milk shakes with him 
dig for claims with him 
go camping with him 
i love being with my dad i love everything we do together.
he is an amazing man he has came a long way and he is so awesome
i think about him everyday he never gives up he is going to be working for the rest of his life he is made of steel and i love him with all my heart he has done soo much for me and I'm so thankful!!

My mom
Debra Lee Tygerson
She is my hero
she has done so much for me and my family. she never gives up even when she has been giving a tough path to follow. she was a single mom for like 20 years with 6 kids she is clearly AMAZING. i couldn't handle one kid with out someone else to share the load.. she has all these crazy ideas and theories we call then debi-izomes just  about life and random believe trust me if you sit in a room with my mom there is no time for you to be bored.. we are a lot alike about at the same time we are So different. she is my mom best friend and room mate i mean sometimes we fight like we are sisters but thats becuase we think a lot alike... she does everything for her kids she has be such a great example to me  i dont know what i would do with out her she was gone to cali for a month and i missed her so much she is my strength and my light. she believes in me no matter what path i take and she wants whats best for me. she is always there to listen and to give her own opinion like i said we are alike.... 
my favorite things to do with her are watch movies 
talk about boys
tell her everything
go to dinner
play games 
go on beautiful walks
go on drives
road trips
walking on the beach
singing karaoke
hanging out with her and her friends
playing with our old dog all the time
listening to her crazy story's
I love every minute i spend with my mom she is the greatest mom in the whole world!for some one who lost there mom dad and son in a matter of two years and still standing tall pushing and smiling i have the most respect for i love her!


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