Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 1 :)

Day 01 – Introduce yourself with pictures and words

I'm Melissa Anne Donegan mostly known by Missy Johnson 
I have a BIG family but some how I'm an only child my mom has five kids with her first husband and my dad had two kids with his first wife makes me an only child crazy huh....  I'm clearly the youngest some times i wish i had a little sister or brother i think it would be fun... I'm pretty out going and always have my own opinions i try to see every side to every story and i always see the best in people ..... i love making friends and doing crazy stuff and by crazy i just mean very random....... i love long boarding going on trips mostly to California Colorado Alaska and i really wanna go to Hawaii again! 
When i grow up i wanna be a massage therapist and i wanna travel the world... i love the sunshine and hate the cold i grew up in California and loved it there!!I'm also glad i moved to Utah i have learned a lot here.. there is nothing i love more then the beach! I mostly listen to country and my friends and family mean everything to me...

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