Monday, January 17, 2011

So I'm moving on Letting go Holding on to tomorrow

When you truly care about someone you don't throw things in there face because they took a wrong path or act like your friend ship can be thrown away like its nothing at all... you don't get mad because they don't want to tell you something that they  know will just cause drama...... If you only knew how i felt about you.... i care about you alot and i relies i'm not good enough for you anymore but cutting me down and holding it over my head is not the way you treat a girl.... You say hurt full things sometimes and just think you can say what ever you want to me.. YOU don't under stand how much you mean to me and how everything you say effects me you use to treat me like i matter a lot & our friend shipment a lot to you... i know i went off track and made mistakes but i'm human i'm sorry....  you mean  soo much to me but this attitude that you have about me and  treat me like dirt and could careless to be my friends breaks my heart.... i don't know how many times you have thrown our friendship away and i have always asked for it back... i know i have done my part on being mean but it came to the last straw.. i'm sorry doesn't do it... because you don't even mean it....

I wanna tell you how i feel but that never seems to matter i'm not saying its all you but we fight so much we have both been in the wrong but you take it to extreme levels & it doesn't need to be that way :(

I know in a few month one of us will give in and talk to the other but regardless.. i miss you and I HATE THIS.. but im hurt and can't take it any more i understand better things come along and you move on... But letting go of you was something i was never willing to do.....

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